Fundraising Program

We offer two fundraising programs that allow you and your organization to raise funds while supporting the mission of Pura Vida at the same time.

Option #1: Traditional Bulk Fundraising

Our traditional bulk fundraising program allows you to purchase our 12 oz bags of coffee at a discounted price and resale them, using the profit to support your organization.  Our most popular fundraising program!

1. To receive discounted pricing, order a minimum of 50 bags of our coffee (any variety) or 10 bags of the same coffee type (flavour and grind). Taking pre-orders from individuals ensures that you order the proper amount.

2. Sell or distribute it! If you did a pre-sale, you will need to distrubute the orders to each individual supporter.


Option #2: Online Fundraising

1. Register by emailing us at Once we receive the form we will e-mail you a fundraising code specific to your organization or a link for your own Web site. The link is placed on your website which drives people to our web-store. All sales are tracked and your organization receives a rebate off all sales.

2. Spread the word to all your friends, family, and neighbors about your fundraiser. Anyone who uses your organization's fundraising code or link from your website will generate funds for your organization.

3. Receive your funds from us at the end of your fundraising drive --- 15 percent of each sale from your code. If you have an ongoing fundraiser we will rebate funds quarterly.


It's that simple!

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